Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers are proud to release our third CD, Black Wings, August 2015

Black Wings contains two original songs: 
The Mystery of Ida Bales – (Margaret  Drees; Margie Mason Music, ASCAP) 
A song about a grave we found while hiking in Tennessee.  Ida Bales was only 18 years old when she died.  This song asks the questions of who she might have been. 
Scepters of Gold – (Ma Crow and Katie Laur; Norma Mountain Music) 
A civil war song about a young man who survived the war but came home old and broken.

1. The Mystery of Ida Bales 

2. Beneath the Old Southern Skies 

3. I Ride an Old Paint 

4. Have a Feast Here Tonight 

5. Blue Night 

6. I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair 

7. House of Dread 

8. When I Was a Cowboy 

9. I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart 

10. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 

11. Scepters of Gold 

12. Where the Soul Never Dies



Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers are proud to release their 2nd CD February 22, 2014: Memory of a Mountain. 

Memory of a Mountain contains 4 original songs: 
I Want to Go to Ireland – (Dave Gilligan © By permission) 
Memory of a Mountain – (Margaret  Drees; Margie Mason Music, ASCAP) 
Daughter of the Mountain – (Margaret Drees; Margie Mason Music, ASCAP) 
Liberty Hill – (Margaret Drees; Margie Mason Music, ASCAP)

1. I Want to Go to Ireland 

2. Shady Grove 

3. Memory of a Mountain 

4. Ages and Ages Ago 

5. Daughter of the Mountain 

6. Things in Life 

7. Liberty Hill 

8. Get Up John 

9. No Mermaid 

10. Montana Cowboy 

11. Going to the West 

12. Time Is Winding Up



Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers released their 1st CD in 2013: Wayward Daughter.

Wayward Daughter contains an original song:
Song for Eliza -- (Margaret  Drees; Margie Mason Music, ASCAP) 
Taken from the pages of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Eliza escapes slavery with her baby across the frozen Ohio River.

1. No Hiding Place 

2. Lay Me to Rest 

3. Song for Eliza 

4. Country Blues 

5. Tulsa Queen 

6. True Life Blues 

7. Wild Bill Jones 

8. Waiting for a Train 

9. I'm Working On a Building 

10. Blue Grass Stomp 

11. Nothing in Rambling 

12. You Got to Know How






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