January 30, 2024, Ma Crow & Co.  

“Waiting for a Train” Photos and Video

Memory of a Mountain  "This song is to call attention to mountain top removal.  We sing this song to mourn the loss of over 500 mountains in Appalachia.  In the 1940s, the coal companies began to change from deep, underground mining, to strip mining, which left the mountains scarred.  They returned in 1970 with bigger machines to finish the job.  Norma Mountain wasn't spared from the demolition.  As a young woman in 1970, I left Norma, Tennessee to explore the world.  When I returned in three months, the top of Norma Mountain was gone.  Today, in a new century, the whole northeast side of Norma Mountain has been taken down, and the destruction hasn't stopped yet.  The coal is not renewable, and the mountains will never be the same.  We sing this song to mourn the loss of our beautiful, beloved mountain tops, and we thank Margie Drees for writing this song.  For more information, please visit the website,"  ~Ma Crow

 July 18, 2014, Cowboy's Sweetheart at ArtSong: EdenSong in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

March 25, 2013,  Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour,  Show #708, Lyric Theater, Lexington, KY.