Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers were happy to be included in the November, 2016 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited in an article written by Historian, Ivan Tribe.  Click here to read the entire article:  Bluegrass Unlimited, November, 2016

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Senior Life,  August, 2015 by PJ MARTIN

Read the article here:  Senior Life, August, 2015

I tried for two years to book Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers for Bluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival in Henderson, Kentucky, and finally succeeded and boy, did my persistence pay off!  This group was special from the moment they arrived at our festival site.  Friendly, professional, and easy to work with, they let it be known that they were here to entertain.  Four women, fantastic instrumental musicians all, but with closely bound harmonies usually only found in a sisters act.  Their performance – a full ninety minute set – was the hit of the festival which had a lineup that included some pretty highly touted Bluegrass artists.   Comfortable on stage, they played and sang without fault and to top it off, they were personable and funny.  They truly had the audience in the palms of their hands.  I was especially taken with the talents of multi-instrumentalist Trina Emig.  I’ve never heard a better, stronger, female picker.  She had every banjo and mandolin player in the house standing with their mouths open!  I would have Ma Crow and company back anytime – only thing I might do different is let them close the show.  I give them the highest possible ratings and would be glad to recommend them for any festival in the country.  Book them if you can . . . You will not be disappointed!
~ Ken ChristopherBluegrass in the Park Folklife Festival, Henderson, KY, August 2015.

It only takes one listen to Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers to know that you have experienced a rare treat. Separately I’m sure they would each be wonderful, but the band they have combined to create is unique. Original material, excellent musicianship and beautiful harmonies separate them from all the rest. Don’t miss a chance to see them live. Oh, one more thing… be certain to introduce yourself and pick up some of their music. You’ll be glad you did. ~ Tim Carter, WMTN Radio 1300 AM, August 26, 2015

Dear Ma Crow:

I just had to contact you after listening to “Smoky Junction”, “Wayward Daughter”, & ” Memory of a Mountain”.  These exceptional projects have been in my cd player for the last 10 days.  I lost track of how many times I have played them, but is definitely in the double digits.  I loved everything about these projects.  You combined the “old time mountain sound” with “the bluegrass sound” to create a unique “ladyslippers sound”.  The vocals both lead and harmony kept me riveted the entire time the projects were playing, & the instrumental work was superb!  I loved your arrangements of all the “traditional songs” giving them “a new life”.  The original songs sounded as if they were written 60 years ago.  These cds are a “must have” for all bluegrass fans!  You won’t be disappointed!!  I can’t wait to share these projects with my listeners.


Al Shusterman, KCBL Radio

Bluegrass Unlimited, August, 2014.  
Review of Memory of a Mountain

Prescription Bluegrass Reviews MA CROW and THE LADY SLIPPERS – Memory Of A Mountain

FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014
25 years ago the idea of women playing bluegrass, serious bluegrass, was still a novelty.
There was a smattering of female artists and bands back then, Lynn Morris, Laurie Lewis, Gina Britt, Deanie Richardson, The New Coon Creek Girls, The Good Ol’ Persons (sorry Paul Shelasky) and Claire Lynch just to name a few.
Just to name a few I said…no letters please. But none really ever rose to national prominence. Even the Dixie Chicks went unnoticed until they dropped their bluegrass image and went mainstream country.
In the late 80′s Alison Krauss and Rhonda Vincent knocked a big hole in that wall. Others took advantage of that opening and wriggled on through. Claire Lynch became a headline act, vocalist Alecia Nugent was on the festival circuit. Kristin Benson of The Grascals was voted as an IBMA Banjo Player of the Year. Sierra Hull became a household name (hey…that’s my house and your house ok?), Lorraine Jordan is making a name for herself and now the super-group Della Mae is on the A list of highly sought after bluegrass bands. Not because they are women that happen to be great musicians, but because they are great musicians that happen to be women. Ma Crow (what a great name) & the Lady Slippers are talented musicians that just so happen to be female. And that is that.
Vicki Abbott on upright bass, and fiddle player Margie Drees who wrote 3 of the 12 cuts on this their second CD. I was pleased with the eclectic selection of songs on Memories of a Mountain. Add to Margie Dree’s three previously mentioned originals, public domain workhorse Shady Grove, Bill Monroe’s “Get Up John”, the genre’ bending “Montana Cowboy” and unexpected gems such as “I Am No Mermaid” make this album more than worth slipping in the CD player when out for a Sunday drive.
It’s cool that the stars aligned and allowed these fine ladies to find one another and even cooler that they have the resources and sticktuitivness to actually produce recordings of their own brand of bluegrass music. Ma & The Slippers knew what they were doing when they hired legendary bluegrass sideman Ron Stewart to mix and master this project. His knowledge of how acoustic instruments are supposed to sound shines through. What the Lady Slippers lack in precision is made up for in soul. Listen to the last cut appropriately titled “Time is Winding Up” and you’ll hear what I mean.
Reviewed for Prescription Bluegrass by Marty Warburton
Cedar City, Utah /
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Excerpt from the Bluegrass Spin, May 8, 2013:
Cleveland may rock but Cincinnati is pickin’ and grinnin’ with Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers, Cincinnati’s only all female acoustic band! These gals are playing bluegrass style music with a side of traditional and old-timey music. I am watching and listening to “Wayward Daughter”, as performed on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour at the Lyric Theater in Lexington, Kentucky. This tune is the title track and just one gem of many from their latest album. While the band centers around “Ma” Crow, the Lady Slippers can each hold their own as talented bluegrass musicians and vocalists. Make no mistake. Their sound is sweet and melodious but these Lady Slippers will just as easily kick you in the butt with their hard-driving breakout bluegrass sound.
The band has a beautiful website at The band’s music is available at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, our preferred music partner. If you think bluegrass is just for the boys, you’re missing out on some exciting music. Check out Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers today. Y’all can thank me later.

Cincinnati’s City Beat magazine had this to say in an article February 27, 2013:   
One of Cincinnati’s best Bluegrass ensembles, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers, has released its debut album, Wayward Daughter, a stellar collection of Bluegrass/Americana/Country standards delivered in Crow and Co.’s flawless, soul-stirring “mountain music” style. The musicianship, arrangements and vocals (melodies and harmonies) on the album — a follow-up to Crow’s 2011 solo release, Smoky Junction — are impeccable.

City Beat Magazine
As Ma Crow Flies - Read the article here
With the Lady Slippers, Bluegrass icon Ma Crow assembles her own Fab Four
BRIAN BAKER - NOV 2, 2011  9AM


Polly Hager, DJ on WAIF, 88.3 FM Cincinnati 
[Ma Crow] you and your band are a little slice of HEAVEN everybody should venture to experience! 

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